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Pride Collection
Pride Collection

Pride Collection

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Honored to announce our LGBTQA pride collection! We have custom ordered fabrics to represent the LGBT pride flag, the inclusive/diverse pride flag, the lesbian pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, the transgender pride flag, the non-binary pride flag, and the asexual pride flag!

Because these are custom printed fabrics (you won’t find them in normal craft stores!) we have to charge slightly more than our normal price to offset the design cost and we have to wait for the stock to arrive before we can cut and sew your masks.

These masks come with Ear Elastic unless otherwise requested.

If you wish to order some of our currently available designs at the same time, please either make your orders separately or add a tip to your cart in the amount of your shipping cost (either $5 basic, $8 priority, or $15-$17 International) to pay for separate shipping so we don’t have to delay your entire order.